Egypt: Diving the Red Sea

Here is a selection of images taken during dives in the Red Sea, in the Egyptian side.
This series includes images of wildlife, such as coral, turtle, etc … but also some photographs taken on ones of the many wrecks littering the Red Sea.


Eretmochelys imbricata – hawksbill sea turtle


The Rosalie-Moller wreck


The Rosalie-Moller wreck


The Thistlegorn wreck


The Thistlegorn wreck


The Thistlegorn wreck


Divers exploring


Field of coral


Coral and polyps


Life is rulling back the Numidia wreck


Salad coral and divers


School of fusiliers


A pair of butterfly fish


Inside the Giannis-D




The stonefish smile





Divers exploring the Giannis-D wreck


Hawksbill sea turtle – Eretmochelys imbricata


And now?
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