Peru: A hat history

Everybody has his own hat, and for each hat its meaning.
Specifically in Peru, and generally in the Andean range, choosing a hat is not a simple thing.
Indeed, every headgear, in addition to its fashion aspects, carries several information about its wearer.
For instance, caps can provide information about the wearer, like his marital status or his social level.
Also, each ethnic group is recognizable thanks to their different hats.
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Peru: The Nazca geoglyphs


Today it is particularly hot, the air is dry, it has not rained for few months, this is why you are going through the desert. The goal to reach is the mountain located on the other side. There lives Kon, the God servant who transmits the messages coming from the Earth until Heaven. In exchange of the offering you give him, he might transmit your message. This message will supplicate the Gods of Heaven to rain once more on the villages’ farming.
In order to find your way until the mountain, you follow weird paths on the ground. Those paths have not been observed in their whole by Humans.
For this, the best way would be to fly like a condor, but this gift, like the drawings, is reserved for the celestial birds and the Gods.

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