Tajikistan: Hiking the Fansky mountains

Spending some time in Tadjikistan stand for gaining altitude!
The country land is 93% covered by mountains. More than half of those mountains are at least 3000 meter high from the sea level.
The highest place is the Ismail Samani peak with its 7495 meter high.
The two main mounts are the Pamir (famous since the time of the silk road) and the Mounts Alay that separates the north part of the Tajikistan and the south part of the Kyrgyzstan.
While hiking in the mounts Alay, hills after hills and valleys after valleys, you will meet some Tajik sheppards that live there.
The latter are nomads, move with the seasons with their herds.
Their houses are named “Kappa”. They are made with wood and covered with animal skin.
There also exist some “hard” villages, with houses of stone and cob tighten against each other in order to protect against tough winter.
I offer you, with those photos, to discover the mountainous landscape of Tajikistan, its lakes with turquoise water and also its inhabitants.
Pictures are taken in the Fansky mountain, from the Alay mounts

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