Young Padaung lady, Northern Thailand

Young Padaung lady, Northern Thailand

The Padaung (or Kayan) is a Tibeto-Burman ethnic minority of Myanmar (Burma).
In 1990, some Padaung have fled the Burmese regime and crossed the border to settle in Northern Thailand. The Padaung women are known for wearing a spiral-necklace in brass, wrapped around the neck. They start wearing the first necklace at the age of 5. It will be then replaced time after time when the girl is growing up (it is not rings that are added). This tradition gave to Padaung the nickname of “giraffe women” or “long-neck tribe”.

Thailand: Diving Andaman sea

The experts may certainly recognize Moray, Manta Ray, Clown fish, Parrotfish, Squid and Cuttlefish, different species of hard and soft corals, and some Shellfishes.
Have a good dive!


Andaman Sea location


Night shot of a squid


Lion Fish


Yellow head moray


Clark’s anemone fish


Banded cleaner shrimp (Stenopus hispidus)


Hiby’s coriocella (Coriocella hibyae)




Manta ray


A blenny try to get hide inside a coral hole


Inside the anemone


Coral hind (Cephalopholis miniata)


Hermit crab


Cuttlefishes and diver


Sea star


Bubble coral




Anemone-Fish in its anemone nest


Manta Ray