Yemen: Socotra Island


Socotra is an Yemen’s island. Socotra’s area is about 3579km2. The island take place far by 250km from the coast.
Beccause that, flora and fauna is growing far away from foreigner pertubation.
Mor than 30% of the plants they are groing in Socotra are endemics.
Dracaena Cinnabari, the Socotra DragonBlood Tree is surprising beccause of its branches.
Adenium Obesum Socotranum, a toxic plant, is not groing on the ground, but is hooking on rocks. Adenium is saving wate inside the trunk and is also called Bottle-Tree
Socotra is also offering a large panel of landscape. The north coast, beccause windy, is drawing big white sand dunes. The center of the island, is growing up to 1525 meters of altitude and looks like a very steep mountain.

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