Ethiopia: The Simien Mountains

The Simien Mountains are located in the northern Ethiopian Highlands. Since 1978 they are a UNESCO World Heritage Site (with the world heritage status in danger since 1996).
Compared to the surrounding area the weather is more cool and wet because of the highlands altitude. Consequently, it is more easy to grow crops, and the most of the Simien inhabitants are farmers. It is also possible to produce coffee beans.

The Simien Mountain is home of number of endangered species, including the Ethiopian Wolf (Only 500 wolves live in the wild). More common, the gelada baboon is easy to get encountered within the Simien Mountains.


Simien overview


Gelada Baboon (Theropithecus gelada)


Amhara Orthodox Christian



Coffee ceremony


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Geladas in the Simien National Park


Gelada baby


Lobelias – 3650 meters above sea level


Lobelias field in the Simien



Kids – 3900 metres above sea level


Abyssin Wolf (Canis simensis simensis) – Altitude 3640 metres above sea level


A young shepherd looking for his goats





Village – 1800 metres above sea level


Simien Traffic


Chore timber


Amhara woman



Inside an Amhara house



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