Indonesia: Diving Komodo

The whole of those pictures was taken in Indonesia at Komodo National Park.
Komodo National Park is an ideal destination for those who wants to dive and discover at the same time all the aspects of coral reef life.
Many species of nudibranchs rub elbows with strange crustaceans such as anemon shrimps or carry crabs, while gigantic manta rays compete against the world smallest seahorse, the pygmy.


Situation de Komodo


Back spike box fish




Eunice aphroditois, bobbit worm, the hidden part of the body is about 1,2 meters long


Pygmy seahorse


Lizard Fish


Hawksbill sea turtle




Coral desk


Frog Fish


Manta Ray


Coral close-up


Nembrotha kubaryana




Ghost pipe fish


Anemon fish


Anemon shrimp




Blenni on coral


Flag Fish



Scorpion Fish





Shrimp with eggs




Mantis Shrimp


Orang Utan Crab


Lisa’s mantis in a hole


Yellow sea cucumber




Crab is carrying an anemone to get protection against predators