Nepal: The Langtang National Park

Langtang is a region in the Himalayas of Nepal to the north of the Kathmandu Valley and bordering Tibet.
The Langtang National Park is located in the area. About 4,500 people live inside the park, and many more depend on it for timber and firewood. The majority of the residents are Tamang.
The park contains a wide variety of climatic zones, from subtropical to alpine. Approximately 25% of the park is forested. Trees include the deciduous Oak and Maple, and evergreens like Pine, and various types of Rhododendron.


Overview of the Langtang National Park


Tamang village


Tamang vhildren


Buddhist Temple


Terrace cultivation


Encounter along a path


Buddhist praying flags




Langtang unhabitant




Young shepherdess


On the way to the village




Young girl


One of the National park Valley