Wreslters relaxing during Naadam festival, Mongolia


Wreslters relaxing during Naadam festival, Mongolia

The festival of Naadam (In Mongolian: Наадам, and in classical Mongolian: ᠨᠠᠭᠠᠳᠤᠮ) is a traditional festival celebrated in Mongolia, Inner Mongolia and in Tuva. During the Naadam festival, three different competitions are organized: Mongolian wrestling, archery and horse racing. The three games are held throughout the country during midsummer, but the most mongolian famous competitors participates at Ulaanbaatar events, the capital city. Women have started participating in the archery and girls in the horse-racing games, but not in Mongolian wrestling.

Reunion among the Mongolian farmers

Important reunion around a sensitive debate.

This picture has been taken in 2015 in Oulan-Bator, capital of Mongolia

The big cattle owners, coming from all Mongolia, were once more gathered to discuss about the consequences of the last “white dzud” that just hit the country. A “dzud” is a climate phenomenon (sometimes drought in summer, sometimes cold winter, sometimes a combination of both) that lead to several deaths in the cattle. For the past few years, there have been numerous “dzud”. The annual losses can be counted in millions of animals.

Mongolia: The Khövsgöl lake

Called the « Blue Pearl » because of its water purity, the Khövsgöl lake (in mongolian : ᠺᠥᠪᠰᠦᠭᠦᠯ) is a sacred place for the local people, which they call « Mother ». The below pictures were taken at summer time, during a several weeks horse ride on the lakeside. More than a view on the lake, these photos show also the local inhabitants met during this trip.

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