New Zealand: Tasman Glacier and Pukaki lake


Tasman Glacier, the largest of New Zealand, offers to its visitors a beautiful sight.
Ice blocks collaps from its southern face, and remain afloat in a dark gray lake. While walking around the lake, these icebergs give us an image of a polar excursion

The visit will continue up to the Pukaki lake, an attractive place of this glacier valley due to the turquoise color of the water.

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New Zealand: Color palette

New Zealand offers to its visitors varied and colorful landscapes.
The pure white glaciers rubs turquoise blue or emerald green mountain lakes.
An intense geothermal activity that reveals from soil gray mud pools, or sulfured water springs they brings small particles that colors the ground to yellow…

The pictures in this series, issued from a grandiose landscape or a small detail of a curious source, are, therefore, also rich in color.

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